Karlo Transport Private Limited

Our Services

Transportation and Distribution of all kinds of consignments with focus on Quality Delivery of cargo.
Our Fleet
We own the vehicles we use. It is as simple as that. There are no hidden layers of cost to consider when you interact with us for your logistic needs.
Quality of transportation is our highest priority. We ensure efficient handling of the cargo at every stage of transportation. Did we mention that Risk Management is our specialty?
All The vehicles are continuously monitored using GPS. You can rely on us for safe and on time movements of your cargo, including scheduled departures across major cities.
Hassle-free service all the way. Perfect for your just-in-time or volatile requirements. Continuous notifications from the pickup point(s) to the destination(s).
Each and every one of our transportation personnel is a highly experienced and proficient Driver with several years of on-field knowledge. You can rest easy with your precious cargo in our efficient hands.


We are known in the industry for the high quality service we provide to all our customers any time of any day.

On TimeDelivery

Safe and timely delivery of consignments with continuous follow-ups with our highly Professional Drivers.


With over Two Decades of Professional Expertise in the Transportation Industry, we are Highly Efficient at what we do.